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  • We believe that company value is built primarily through business growth
  • Aquifon Investments is
    passionate about investing

    in sunrise (not sunset) business opportunities

    and its high performance management.
  • Building enduring
    relationships based on trust

    We earn our clients’ trust. We do this through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment.

Welcome to Aquifon Investments.

Aquifon Investments is a black owned, hands-on operations and investment power house intensely focused on adding value and initiating growth by means of operational and managerial participation. With broad-based shareholding and a development community trust, Aquifon is able to offer unsurpassed strategies for commercial success while upholding the agenda of transformation in South Africa and beyond. Aquifon is currently headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with additional offices in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is an independent firm, owned and operated by its staff through its various partners and subsidiaries.

Getting Started

1. Read our mission statement and familiarize yourself with our beliefs, goals and values to ensure these are aligned with your business's.

2. Send us your business plan for evaluation and consideration using the address provided on the "contacts us" page.

If we are interested we will contact you to arrange a meeting where you will have the opportunity to present to our team.
Please note, we are happy to provide and sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect your ideas.

3. Business cases are independently analysed and rated in terms of feasibility, risk and creativity. The outcome is decided and feedback is then provided
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