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About Us

Established in 2011

Aquifon is a boutique Venture capital and financing house based and operating in South Africa. Aquifon also manages various funds on behalf of select private investor



Being entrepreneurial by nature, Aquifon is opportunistic and provides more than just money. Aquifon acts as consultants and business developers, business strategists, corporate advisors and confidants, giving support to the Investee company's management team as well as our strategic partners

When we occupying a position on the board, Aquifon plays an active role in each of its investments providing the experience and unique network of contacts to help take the Investee company to the next stage of their development

  • What is crucial to us
  • Our Criteria

Crucial to Aquifon's relationship is a culture fit. Each investment is viewed as a partnership and as such all parties involved must be comfortable and able to operate together. Specifically, we look for

  • Entrepreneurs who show extraordinary determination and passion for their vision
  • Entrepreneurs who possess drive and energy to realise their goals
  • The resolute, The creative spirits. The underdogs, The determined. The outsiders. The defiant. The independent thinkers. The fighters and the true believers who have proven that they can make it happen...

Aquifon focuses on the Investment rather than the specific market sectors, investing in

  • Companies with strong management
  • Companies that can scale
  • Companies that have a sales efficiency <1
  • Proven teams and track records
  • Showing revenues in excess of R1 million
  • We partner early. We’re comfortable with the rough imperfection of a new venture. We help founders from day zero, when the DNA of their businesses first takes shape

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Our Team

Sylvester Dzenga

Sylvester is the co-founder and CEO of Aquifon investments. He is responsible for the effective running of all facets of the business. Sylvester has a proven executive management track record and over 10 years of experience driving sales growth in all acquisitions made. Sylvester has earned a Bcom degree with Honours in Corporate Finance and Investments from the University of Witwatersrand.

Taurai Chimanga

Tau is the investment committee chairman. He is passionate about corporate finance, specifically in the start-up space and in technology, and has extensive experience in debt and equity markets. Tau has an MBA from Oxford University, a Master's of Science in Statistics specializing in finance and financial mathematics from Stockholm University and a Bachelor of Economic Science majoring in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics from Wits University. In his spare time Tau enjoys reading books and playing golf and tennis.

Bernard Juru

Ben is the Head of Innovation. He is a techpreneur who has built tech companies and developed software solutions for organizations and individuals in the Southern African Region over the past 7 years. Ben is also a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow who graduated from Monash University South Africa with a BA degree in Communications and International Studies.

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