About us


Aquifon Investments is a black owned, hands-on operations and investment power house intensely focused on adding value and initiating growth by means of operational and managerial participation. With broad-based shareholding and a development community trust, Aquifon is able to offer unsurpassed strategies for commercial success while upholding the agenda of transformation in South Africa and beyond. Aquifon is currently headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with additional offices in Maseru and Harare. It is an independent firm, owned and operated by its staff through its various partners and subsidiaries.

Aquifon Investment’s outstanding management skills are paramount to the hands-on methodology which we have adopted in all our business ventures. In instances where Aquifon Investment’s ownership is less than 50%, strategic resources are Meetingprovided to assist with the management, recruitment and growth of suitable senior personnel, particularly highly-skilled black managers to ensure BEE transformation targets are met. Where the enterprise is wholly owned or Aquifon Investments retains the majority shareholding, professional managers or executive directors are drawn from within the group of companies or are sought out and appointed depending on the needs of the particular sector. Our objective is to invest in a management team that shares our ethos of entrepreneurial excellence.

Whilst Aquifon Investments diversified, it seeks to maintain synergy amongst the group of independent operating concerns; seasoned managers, good corporate governance and superior business growth strategies guarantee profitability and year-on-year advancement.

Aquifon Investments employs highly skilled staff members and is a diversified hands-on, value adding and entrepreneurial group focused in four sectors of our world economy, namely: Private equity investments, management consulting, green energy and mining.

Management Consulting  

Aquifon Investments is a global management consulting firm advising leading companies on issues of strategy, corporate social investments, organization, technology, and operations. Our business is making companies more valuable. All customer interactions and touch points are white labeled to allow businesses and brands to build long-lasting and profitable relationships with their customers.

At first glance, all top-level consultants may seem similar. Their resumes, presentations and fees don’t differ much – but they can be very different to work with. They also have very different track records, and it is on these points we prefer being evaluated.