Private Equity Investments


Aquifon Investments invests in privately held South African companies at most stages of the development cycle, from early stage through to pre-listing, including management buy-outs. We are ocused on investing in strategic business sectors where it can add value, generate sustainable employment, create sustainable growth and yield profits for shareholders.

 Our approach is business centric and not transaction-centric. We believe that company value is built primarily through business growth and we will only invest in those businesses where we are confident of being able to add real value and to help achieve this. We seek long-term partnerships with the companies in which we invest, sharing the same risks and rewards as other shareholders for time frames of several years or more.

Our philosophy is to start businesses (Greenfields) or invest, as major shareholders, in owner-managed companies where we can provide a hands-on management role and support business growth in partnership with management and fellow owners. Investment is also extended to established listed or unlisted businesses in which Aquifon has identified the potential to intensify success through entrepreneurial expertise and superior management skills. Adherence to good corporate governance and strong management are both factors influencing Aquifon Investments’ decision to acquire 100% of a business

Aquifon Investments is able to inject proficient managers and most importantly capital into its companies. Our  key success factor is its insistence on complete involvement and hands on value adding and this cannot be achieved by simply hopping from one BEE deal to another. We are committed to transformation in our businesses. Aquifon believes that business growth helps to create jobs and thus is able to offer employment to suitably qualified black staff who are in abundance.

Personal chemistry is another important part of our philosophy. In general, the same personnel that initiate an investment by Aquifon Investments will be responsible for that investment throughout its life. This encourages strong, stable relationships, built on trust and mutual respect, to be developed with a company’s management team

Aquifon Investments is passionate about investing in sunrise (not sunset) business opportunities and its high performance management.

For most companies we start of as their management consultants before moving on to secure stakes in these firms. Due to the strong financial backing and management expertise supplied in this field by our JV partners who have more than 10 years experience in mineral analysis, foreign sales coupled with our financial management, project management and corporate finance experience we have been able to carter to several customers both locally and abroad.


Aquifon Investments follows a stringent five step approach to its investing; track record, team, strategy, process and the terms and conditions. The process is not an aim itself but rather a way of ensuring that all relevant areas are checked and verified. We thus seek to invest heavily in all viable small businesses that meet our investment policy.

We believe that a diversified portfolio of private equity can generate highly attractive returns compared to a portfolio of traditional marketable securities; private equity provides a source of diversification that can reduce overall portfolio risk; private equity focuses on long-term investments that are relatively insulated from short-term valuation fluctuations associated with the public securities markets; and investors can participate in a vibrant market of privately – held companies, certain types of which are not generally found in public securities markets.

Investment process



Through our vast entrepreneurial acumen, impeccable empowerment credentials, highly skilled management, respect for and adherence to sound corporate governance and fervent attention to detail, Aquifon Investments is perfectly positioned within the African continent to grow its business on its own or with partners, identify new partnerships and possibilities that, not only maximise return on investment, but most importantly, contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs, thereby eliminating poverty.

Aquifon Investments is the indisputable partner of choice for global companies seeking African opportunities and involvement. Aquifon Investments is the gateway to Africa, as Africa represents the glorious, unexploited prospects that exist within this vibrant, incandescent continent we thus are constantly looking for profitable investment opportunities within the continent.